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BBQ Donut Boat

What is BBQ Donut Boat?
The BBQ Donut Boat, also known as Barbecue Dining Boat, is a metallic orange, circular boat that can accommodate up to ten passengers around the charcoal pot barbecue in the middle. The grill falls on a central plastic table, whcih is surrounded by a platetray, a silverware tray, and three beverage clips in ten molded places. A bench with more than five built-in storage cabinets surrounds the inner perimeter of the boat(as the figure shows).


There's nothing better than staying with your friends and barbecue with them beside the water, unless the barbecue party was held on the water. On a BBQ Donut Boat, which was specifically designed to barbecue large quantities of food, you can enjoy the food while running in the calm water.


The BBQ Donut Boat is a little bit like a Beinihana table station on a motorized raft(without a theater chef). It is equipped with a comfortable circular rig and there is a small barbe/dining table stand in the middle that can accommodate up to 10 people. However, your traveling speed won’t be fast because it is driven by a compact 5HP outboard engine. Advantages: Boating license is not required!

Worried that a passing shower would wet your coal?

There is a convenient umbrella to be opened which can cover the entire seating area at any time when necessary. It is of no need for you to be concerned about the adverse wind rising from the flame, as the grill is particularly ventilated to generate minimal smoke. If you want to go for a ride on the lake but don't want to cook, the grill can be removed, and the center of the table can be turned into a giant ice bucket.


What you need for an excellent holiday has all been prepared: the river, sun, a splendid view of scenery and barbecue!

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