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Water Bike

Water bike is a kind of bike running on water which is a popular and fashion water sports now. We Ulike Equipment Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of producing and selling water bikes for almost 5years. Our main water bike included Fiberglass Water bike and Polyethylene Water bike. These two materials for producing water bike can keep the water bike with high strength and toughness. Our water bike has exported to overseas countries including Europe, America, and Asia, most of our clients are satisfied with the quality and design of our bike on water. The main application of our water bike is water park, lakes, and even beach, people can enjoy the fun time on the water by the bike riding on water. Even more, water bike rental and water bike riding are very popular in water parks all around the world.

Water bike is a fashion water sport originated in Canada which is comfortable, safe and enjoyable. The height of the water bike can be adjusted to satisfied your request. The handlebar imitates the racing type which is easy to manipulate for any ages. The pedal of the water bike can be pushed forward or back very easy, if you feel tired, you can also stop the foot in the water and keep Suspended. That will make you feel so leisurely. The water bike ride is very light which can reach 8 to 11 kilometers per hour.But you do not have to worry about its safety, it will never have the danger have of "rollover". Furthermore, there is no strict age limit, it is suitable for all ages. Water bike can be a single ride, you can also combine the two together to make the two-person water bike. The two-person water bike will need two people driving together which can improve the common progress and lead experience the taste of unity and cooperation.

  • Fiberglass Water Bike

    Fiberglass water bike is one main kind of water bike in nowadays. We can use the materials to produce water pedal bike and other types of bike in water. As far as we know, the fiberglass is an inorgan...

  • Polyethylene Water Bike

    Polyethylene water bike is another kind of popular water bike widely used in water amusement park. PE is short for polyethylene which is one kind of main material for all the water sports. The excelle...