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Transparent Rowing Boat
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Transparent Rowing Boat

The transparent Rowing boat is a kind of fashionable water game product, which is warmly welcomed by the outdoor enthusiasts. It could be also called transparent kayak. It is a good choice to spend your time with family or friends by ride a Kayak in the water, to enjoy the fun, and comfortable riding.

The rowing boat is totally transparent and clear. It is made of 6 mm endurance PC plate, very crystal clear, can be very clear to see the bottom, you may find the fish, stone, the water plants under your boat, which will make people feel clean and calmness.

This material is also wearing resistant and durable, with good stability which is not easy to shipwreck.So people could rest assured, and put themselves totally into the game. The boat is open designed, small and convenient. Usually, the capacity can be 1 to 4 adults. It's a good choice for a family travel together on the weekend, enjoy the romantic journey of water. The rowing boat is easy to handle, suitable for a novice play. It's also a good toy for women and children to play. It is especially suitable for playing in places like scenic spots and beaches, lake and water center .... Because it's a very popular amusement game recently, you could find the transparent boat in any place where there is even transparent kayak for sale and for rent.

We have produced Transparent kayak for more than five years. We have many experiences in producing and exporting kayak products.We well understand what is the top concern of our clients in overseas. Prices of the Transparent kayak, design of Transparent kayak and the quality of Transparent kayak are the top three focus for our clients. Thus, our factory has the quality control system, improved production line, and specialized design department to satisfy all the clients' requirements.

Transparent Rowing Boat UL-008

PVC Transparent Rowing Boat is a transparent boat for the serious outdoor enthusiast, camper or fisher, or anyone else looking for a high-quality, safe, and durable boat.
You could see clearly what’s under your boat, it's very suitable for people to release.

Transparent Rowing Boat Features:

  • Size:L3330mm X W910mm X 370mm
  • Color: Transparent
  • Material:100% new polycarbonate
  • Thickness:6mm
  • Capacity: 2 people
  • Weight: 21.5KGS
  • Loading Capacity: 200KGS(2 to 3 adults)

Transparent Rowing Boat Accessories:

  • 1 kayak
  • 2 seats
  • 1 paddle
  • 1 carbon fiber equalizing bar
  • 2 stable air float
  • 2 gasbags

Transparent Rowing Boat UL-008 Transparent Rowing Boat

Rowing Boat UL-008 Transparent Transparent Rowing Boat Accessories

Accessories Transparent Rowing Boat Rowing Boat Transparent

PVC Transparent Rowing Boat Transparent Rowing Boat PVC

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