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Pedal Boat

The pedal boat is a kind of fashion water entertainment and amusement sport. The pedal boat is ridding by visitors through running the foot rotation impeller in order to impeller of drainage. There is a handle on the console, the rudder blade achieves linkage through the link. The handle on the pedal boat can control pedal driving direction, the pedal boat can drive forward and backward very convenient and flexible.

Our pedal boat is a kind of boat which combines sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions in one. The pedal boat can satisfy the individual and family to enjoy the needs of life. In the developing countries, pedal boats is a popular business project for people to spend in park or tourist attractions, a few people purchase them as a personal means of play.

According to material division,there are wooden pedal boats,fiberglass pedal boats, Kevlar fiber reinforced composite pedal boat. At present, fiberglass pedal boat account for a large proportion. The pedal boat has a hollow hull, the weight of the hull is generally light that makes the pedal boat can float on the water. The pedal boat in the parts is usually made of wood, on both sides of the boat or tail fixed with paddle wheels. The wheels controlled by human simply. The paddle pulled backwards to make the boat to go forward.

Water pedal boat for amusement water park is an important part, you can invite your families and best friends together to have fun on the water by riding our pedal boat on a sunny day. During this time, you can relax 100% and forget about all the pressure on real life. At the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful views and surroundings around you when you on our pedal boat. Especially, the water under the pedal boat make you feel so happy. We have many kinds of the pedal boat on hand for sale, you will like it very much.

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