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Kid Bumper Boat
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Kid Bumper Boat

Kid Bumper Boat is a new amusement equipment, by using a new type of DC drive propeller to generate the power. Children bumper boat has injection molding hull, the outside wrapped by inflatable airbag as a buoyant auxiliary so that it can float on the water. The hull uses a new imported PE material, non-toxic substances, safe and environment-friendly, and the added anti-UV material makes the boat looks as new and keeps it colorful for a long time. Based on children's hobbies, the hull is using animal modeling to attract kids. The maximum carry weight of the boat is 75KG, can be applied to the height below 170CM, with this safe design, you are no need to afraid of capsizing.

The High-performance battery provides long battery life, safe and durable, no risk. The bumper boat has built-in electromagnetic time manager, remote control, and MP3 audio facilities also have the steering wheel with beautiful appearance. There are a variety of cute little animal models to choose from. We have a professional design and production team, you can customize a variety of patterns, to meet the different needs of customers.

The kids' electric boat is a new way of play and fun, with beautiful color, realistic modeling, Huge attraction.These can give children more fun, it's helpful for children to grow up in happiness. At the same time, it is easy to operate, low cost, high recovery. There are about 12 shapes of the bumper boat, like the dragon, duck, swan, tiger, turtle and so on.

For ease of operation, we can provide four control methods for the kids bumper boat: coin version, timer version, remote control board version, and magnetic induction version. Operators can choose any of them according to their own business needs.

The using conditions of the bumper boats are: only allowed in shallow water or inflatable pool. The water level must be more than 35CM. The bumper boat is a boat for kids, it is particularly suitable for some children's playgrounds, parks, game centers and so on.

Inflatable Bumper Boat UL-004

Inflatable Bumper Boats is very HOT water toys, It is the favorite for kids and adults.  It is a good toy for the family member for sporting and recreation. It is widely used for playing centers, amusement parks, water games, holiday events, swimming pools and seashore scenic spots.

  • Hull material: HDPE, PP, PE
  • Versions: Mechanical timer; coin system; remote control system; magnetic system
  • Motor: 12 volt, permanent magnet, 2.5-3.5H/hr
  • Battery: 12V 33Ah *1 pc
  • Steering: Stainless steel mechanical steering wheel linkage
  • Running time: Up to 5-6 Hours continuous
  • Charger: Input AC 220 volt, output DC 12 volt
  • Capacity: Max-weight 73KG,height 39 to 66CM
  • Propeller: 6.35-inch proprietary two-126*68*28 blade, high-pitch
  • Use condition: The depth of water must be up 35 centimeter
  • G.W/N.W: 23.5/21.5KG
  • Size(inflated): 1.56*1.1*0.48m
  • Packing size(in carton):1.26*0.68*0.28m/ctn
  • 72-78pcs fit into one 20" ft container
Kid Bumper Boat Inflatable Bumper Boat UL-004
Bumper Boat UL-004 Inflatable Inflatable Bumper Boat

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