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BBQ Party Boat
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BBQ Party Boat

ITEM NO.: UL-3200

BBQ Party Boat Introduction:

BBQ Party Boat is the new fashionable water leisure equipment warmly welcome by all the customer from all over the world.
BBQ Party Boat is a floating device with a barbecue grill to enable a unique water dining experience as you cruise along the picturesque waters. It's made of high-end fiberglass so it can seamlessly glide over water. It is electrically powered so it hums along quietly, has a Bluetooth music system and speakers for wireless smartphone music and a charcoal barbecue facility in the center for you to cook up a storm for your guests.
The centerpiece of the BBQ Party Boat is a table with a cavity that transforms from a drink cooler into a charcoal grill, so everyone can cook his or her own food (or one person can man the flames). The boat even has colorful LED lighting options so you can party all night long. Just bring along your favorite booze and cookout foods and you're set for barbecuing on the water!
Whether a bachelor party or candlelight dinner in the BBQ Party Boat: With the innovative extras you can offer customized booking packages. Thus, each BBQ Party Boat becomes a unique event. This assures you a new kind of attention and at the same time, you can take different advantages of the profitable rental options.
More information for the BBQ Party Boat:
-You could remove the grill to create ice bucket.
-You could change the electronic motor to gasoline motor.
-No license needed to drive the BBQ Party Boat.
-You could put your advertisement on the hull of Boat.
-You could choose the color of the sunshade.
-You could change the grill and table to the sleeping mat.
-If the sunshine is enough, you also could use the solar energy as the power.
-We can sell at one set and can deliver to your appointed address.

Welcome! OEM accepted! We hope our BBQ Party Boat could take the most joyful time to you!

Size of BBQ Party Boat

Size of BBQ Party Boat

Applications of BBQ Party Boat

-Boat Rental Operator
-Yacht Club
-Leisure space and park lake
-Hotels and Restaurants with water surface
-Private Custom Collection
-Family Use

Application Area for the BBQ Party Boat:

Lakes and rivers, coastal areas, park area and other water entertainment.

BBQ Party Boat Technical Specification:

Hull Material:                                       LLDPE
Diameter/Size of the Hull:                   3.2 Meters/320*320*96CM
Umbrella Size:                                     300-330CM in diameter
Picnic table Size:                                  135CM
Boat Weight:                                       456kgs
Max Loading Weight:                          975kgs
Suggested Loading Capacity:             12 peoples.
Engine:                                                Electric propeller(Haibo brand, D54): 12V/650W.
Power Resource:                                 Lead-acid batteries, 4sets for each boat,  12V/60A.
Batteries charging time:                     10 hours for 2 batteries.
Time for Sailing:                                 4-5 hours/2 sets of batteries, 8-10 hours/4 sets of batteries.
Wind resistance:                                 Beaufort wind, 4 grade (Equals to  max wind speed ≤7.9M/S)
Wave height resistance:                     Theory wave height ≤0.3M,Sudden max wave height: 0.5M.
Working Temperature:                       0℃-60℃.
Storage temperature :                       -40 ℃-60 ℃

Parts and Accessories:

 Parts and Accessories of BBQ Party Boat

BBQ Party Boat Work Shop:

BBQ Party Boat Work Shop

BBQ Party Boat On Site Pictures:

BBQ Party Boat On Site Pictures

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