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Barbecue Boat
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Barbecue Boat

Barbecue boat is the water leisure yacht researched and developed independently by Changsha Ulike Leisure Equipment Co., Ltd.

With its lovely round shape and multifunctional commercial applications, now the barbecue boat becomes a fashionable leisure water equipment.

The raw material of barbecue boat is LLDPE imported from the USA, LLDPE is one kind of nice material widely used for the luxury boat because of its high strength and high flexibility, even the barbecue boat hit by the sharp rock in the water, it still will not be broken. The Hull of the barbecue boat is one-piece construction, seamless and no joint, so you never worried about the water penetration. The round shape makes sure the stability of the boat, not easily turned over.

The UV-resistant sunshade is adjustable, you can choose to take down or open the sunshade according to the weather. In the center of the barbecue boat, there is a picnic table with a grill inside. It is not only a boat, it is also on-water barbecue restaurant!

The barbecue boat promoted by the electric propeller that makes the boat sailing at the speed of 4-5 kilometers per hour, 4 rechargeable batteries could make the propeller rotate about 8-10 hours. Also, you could change the electric trolling motor to the gasoline motor.

Even you can lay down the picnic table and put the sleeping mat on the boat, with the LED light at night on the water, enjoy the happy time with your family or friends under the star and the moon, it is desirable, isn't it?

The benefit of the barbecue boat:

  • It can rent your customers to earn good profits.
  • It will be the popular item for your date as this space is more private and more comfortable.
  • It is easy to earn money to rent the machine to others.
  • The boat can BBQ, it's more popular for the adults to have a rest and pass the time. and you can open a BBQ store on the boat, it must be a popular and attractive theme restaurant.
  • If the house with a pool, you can but one set for leisure with your family.
  • The waterbed can be put on the boat, after swimming, they can have a rest, sleep and bask.
  • When vacation is coming, you can make a camp or party on the barbecue boat.
  • The pattern on the barbecue boat can changeable, you can put your logo on the boat, or you can rent for someone to put their advertisement on the boat.

It could be used for the commercial or private purpose, even we are the factory, we can sell you at one set. You only need to pay thousands of dollars to own such barbecue boat by yourself. With the help of our shipping agent, we even could deliver the boat to your house. Welcome to contact us, we will try our best to make your life joyful.

Barbecue Boat Specification:

BarbecueBoat Diameter

2.5 m

Sunshade Diameter

2.5 m


260 kg

Dining-table Diameter

0.95 m

Max Loading Capacity

8 people


D54 Electric Propeller



Charging Time

10 hours

Time of Sailing

8 hour

Max Speed


Power System


Grade of Wind Resistance

lower than 7.9m/s(4-grade wind)

Grade of Wave Resistance

Wave height 0.3m; burst wave height 0.5m

Barbecue Boat

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