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What Is A Water Bike

When summer comes, many people choose water parks for their holidays. From a distance, many objects like bicycles can be seen paddling around in the water. It is said that they are water bikes. Do you know what water bikes are? Let me give you more details.


What is a water bike?

Water bike is a kind of water transportation tool for tourists to ride. It is a type of bicycle that can be used directly on the water.  For sports enthusiasts especially some people who like bicycle exercise, the birth of this new type of bicycle is undoubtedly a big surprise. The bicycle has no wheels. It replaces the wheels with an air cushion that floats on the water and moves forward, and drives the entire vehicle through the mechanical movement of the upper body. This kind of water bicycle is only suitable for riding in water, and it is not allowed to ride on the ground. Therefore, this kind of bicycle is very suitable for exercising in the hot summer, so that you can enjoy it in the water as much as possible, and you can also feel the effect of more restful water sports. Therefore, for friends who are afraid of the heat and don't want to exercise in the summer, this water bike may be a good idea.

The water bike is very light and its speed can reach 8 to 1 kilometer per hour, but you don't have to worry about its safety. It will never be in danger of "overturning" and there is no strict age limit. It is suitable for young and old. The water bike can be ridden by a single person, or it can be combined by two people. They can ride together and move forward together to experience the feeling of unity and cooperation.

Riding a water bike is like riding a bicycle on land. The operation of a water bike is very convenient. The user only have to tread on the pedal to move the bike forward. People can just stop their feet when they are tired. It can "float" on the water. With the help of water bikes, people can ride freely on the water. Water bikes are a great way to exercise and play. Some can be ridden by one person, while others can be ridden by two people, just like tandem bikes. Caution: you must wear a life jacket when riding a water bike.
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