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Water Bumper Boat

The water bumper boat is a new type of amusement equipment that uses a new type of powerful DC engine to pull a plastic propeller to generate power.

The bumper ship generally consists of two parts: one is the subject part of the ship, the hull that produces the power, and the other is the air model that surrounds the body of the ship, which is usually composed of lovely small animals, such as ducks, speckled dogs, lovely bears, and so on.  The bumper boat can be seen in the cartoon and some amusement parks. It is a new way of children's amusement. The market advantage: new style, bright color, great attraction, easy operation, simple maintenance, low cost and quick recovery.

Features of Ulike bumper boats

1. Wider and higher hull is adopted to provide more seating space and strong bearing capacity. It is suitable for all kinds of customers to play and is more suitable for parents and children to play.

2. High and thickened anti-collision tire of normal production is adopted, which is cold-resistant and heat-resistant, and a quick air pump is attached;

3. A new type of power transmission system that has been granted the national patent certification is used , which saves electricity and requires extremely low draft;

4. New materials are adopted for yacht forming and production in an integrated way, with no fading in the sun and no breakage in collision; the materials are environmentally-friendly and safe with no poison or odor. They can be arbitrarily disassembled and played everywhere you go. 

5. There are various hull colors and dozens of new cartoons to choose from: beautiful swan, lovely duck, lovely tiger, and cartoon hippopotamus.

6. All cartoon anti-collision tires are produced by the separation chamber. Each animal's head, feet, tail and tail are independent space, and there are independent blowing holes, which can prevent tourists from causing leakage due to pulling the head, feet, and tail of the animal's air ring during play, causing the product cannot be used normally. Even if the tail or head of the air ring leaks, you can operate normally.


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