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Water Bike

Bike is a common travel tool in daily life, and people can be seen everywhere on the streets and lanes riding a bike. Water bikes can ride directly on the surface of the water, without any objects that can be supported on the surface.

Compared with ordinary bikes, the appearance of water bikes is much simpler and can be folded for easy carrying. In addition, the water bike uses a battery-powered mode, so that when riding on the water, people's ankles and power supply drive can bring people a better riding experience. This water bike is made of carbon molecular material. The overall frame is made of aluminum and is equipped with a carbon fiber hydrofoil arm that provides enough lift when you ride on the surface. Also, it is equipped with a large-capacity motor that can store more than 400 watts of electricity, providing enough power for the rider. Even if the battery is exhausted, after disassembling the battery, it can still support riding for more than an hour. This water bike can reach speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour.

This bike was developed by the sports entrepreneur bike designer. It took a total of six years to complete the water bike that people have always dreamed of. When this bike came out, it was welcomed by the general public. The designer said he hoped the new bike would not only facilitate people's lives, but also become a sports event.

The appearance of shared bikes before let the bike slowly return to people's vision, while this time the water bike has increased people's interest in bikes. With the continuous progress of science and technology, we also advance towards the direction of scientific enjoyment of life.
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