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Water Bike Engineering

The outstanding quality of the water bike is obvious in every feature. They are suitable for high performance and low maintenance. You 'll be surprised to find that it takes almost no effort to ride this water bike on a lake, river or ocean.

From its stability to its high visibility on the water surface, water bike is designed to be a safe and reliable means of transportation.

The pontoons of the water bike are developed by professional canoe designers to get the best buoyancy, speed and mobility. This means that even in the rough water, you will be sailing steadily.

The water car is stable enough to dive from water and adapt to harsh water conditions, including 5 foot sea swells.

It can fit in most minivans and SUV. A person can assemble and disassemble a water bike in a few minutes without any tools.


Water Bike Propulsion

Fast performance:This is not a slow oar boat. The computer-driven propulsion system of the water bike has a 90% efficiency propeller that allows you to reach the speed of 4-6 miles / hour at the least effort.

High performance: Low drive trains are sealed and waterproof, providing protection even in seawater. The chain uses environmentally-friendly lubricants.

Quiet performance: The water bike is designed for silence. It won’t disturb wildlife habitats or fishing holes


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