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Type Of Rowing Boats

There are many types of rowing boat, including:

Fancy boat: it is a relatively small canoe with a small volume and a short length, suitable for fancy movements. Its general length is about 175gal - 210cm, and the volume is about 41gal - 60gal. Because of the relationship between length and volume, it is not recommended to be used in the stream. The fancy boat can be used to play fancy moves such as the Eskimo Roll and the Windmill.

Waterfall torrent boat: it has a larger size and volume, and is suitable for use in the stream or short-range river exploration. The suitable length varies depending on the terrain. The general length is about 220 cm - 300 cm and the volume is about 65 gal - 80 gal.

Ocean surf boat: the bow is upturned and can be used to meet the waves and dance at the wave. In order to facilitate surfing, each of its surf boats has a detachable three pelvic fins (optional). The main role of the fin is to improve the tracking of the boat when it is rowing in the water.

Long-distance travel boat (marine boat): the boat is slender, generally more than 4 meters, and has a fast speed. It is easy to draw with a rudder and easy to control the direction, suitable for long distance travel.

Medium and short-distance travel boat: the hull is large and stable, suitable for short-distance travel by novices.

Platform canoe: most of it is used for leisure, and there are also many surf boats that are platform boats.

Fishing boat: specially designed for fishing enthusiasts, the fishing boat has added fishing racks, bait boxes, anchor frames and so on.

It should be noted that different types of boats apply to different areas.
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