Changsha Ulike Leisure Equipment Co., Ltd.

Two Person Bike

Two seater bike, cool and stylish. 
Young people in the city are increasingly looking for new ways to play. Recent water sports have become popular.


The two person bike is really a selling point. Water bicycles have successfully combined bicycles and boats together. The two person bike was driven by propeller like bicycle and we can turn the wheel in a way to change the direction of navigation. It is easier to learn, so even the little female visitor would like to take a chance. People who have tacit agreement will have better two person bike ride experience.

The main body of water bike is made of glass reinforced plastic with foaming filling process. It has large buoyancy and high safety. The seat design is in accordance with human mechanics and can be adjusted before and after. More importantly, Ulike two person bike has adopted the world's original circular propeller propulsion technology, which has greatly improved the efficiency of propulsion. It is the fastest and most efficient water bicycle in the world. Walk at 6-7 kilometers per hour and you won’t feel tired all day.

Now the dynamic water sports project is very popular with urban youth, in addition to the two person bike, Ulike water single bicycles, water tricycle, electric boat, fishing boat are also popular among tourists.

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