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Two Factors That Affect The Safety Of Water Inflatable Equipment

1.Use of PVC mesh material

Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise. So from the purchase of raw materials, high quality raw materials can guarantee high quality products. The product of water inflatable equipment is made of PVC mesh fabric. At present, PVC mesh fabric materials of merely a few suppliers are recognized as high quality raw materials in the industry. The PVC mesh cloth material produced has good air-tightness (high temperature seam), product form plasticity, tear resistance, high pressure resistance and exposure on the inflatable water slide, inflatable floating row, and inflatable water rushing products. The material of PVC mesh cloth is stable and is a flame retardant, waterproof and environmentally friendly material. The ambient temperature is from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius.

2.Technical standard of sewing technology

Because the inflatable products need to be continuously filled with air by the blower, the manufacturing process and technical standard of the sewing machine are regulated around the closed gas of the products in the entire production process. The quality of PVC mesh cloth material is consistent with the safety of the sewing machine, which is related to the needle, the stitch length, the thread and the sewing method. No. 23 imported needle is used because it has the characteristics of small needle holes for sewing. And imported needle has the advantage of anti-breaking, so the industry uses this kind of needle commonly. Of course, some companies use other needles that are too thick or too fine, so that the product may have poor air-tightness due to the large diameter of the needle, or the PVC mesh material may be damaged by the use of a thin needle.
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