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Transparent Rowing Boat

The transparent rowing boat allows the rowers to see the scenery under the boat when they roam, from marine animals to bright coral reefs. This type of rowing boat is equipped with a transparent polycarbonate plate that gives the paddlers a clear view. You can also enjoy the underwater scenery while using this rowing boat, just like floating on the sea.

The material of the transparent rowing boat is PC sheet, also known as polycarbonate sheet. It is an engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance. It has outstanding physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, so it is called “King of Transparent Plastics ”. The PC board produced by it is divided into hollow board series (also known as Kablon, non-broken glass) and solid board series (also known as endurance board, transparent steel plate), all of which have the advantages of light transmission, UV protection, flame retardant and weather resistance, etc. It is widely used in lighting and shelters for public and civil buildings, channel ceilings, elevated road noise walls, shopping mall roofs, and plant greenhouses, and it is currently the most ideal light shed material in the world.

The rowing boat is completely transparent and the inside frame is also clearly visible and it can take 2 people. There's no need to worry about whether a small crash will break, because PC transparent materials, like bulletproof glass, can fall from 20 feet, or be hit by a hammer or a car at 70 miles per hour without any damage. The internal frame is made of anodized aluminum, which can be removed easily. It is OK as long as the weight of two people plus necessary sports equipment does not exceed the load capacity of transparent rowing boat of 425 pounds (about 192.78 kg). In other words, if people are not too heavy, it is perfectly fine for two people to sit on a rowing boat.

It is best for the rider to wear brighter clothes because the hull of this transparent rowing boat is completely transparent and is not easily found when rescue is required.
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