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Three Issues To Consider When Choosing An Inflatable Boat 2

Inflatable floor rowing boat

A sports boat, with its wooden floor replaced by a high-pressure inflatable floor, became an inflatable bottom boat (sometimes called an inflatable floor rowing boat). It combines the superior performance of a sport boat with the lightweight portability of a soft bottom boat. Its unique high-pressure inflatable floor (pressure up to 11 psi) is very light. And when deflated, you can roll it in the boat. It can take off immediately after launching, and a good performance can be gained with a small horsepower plug-in machine, which makes us very surprised. This is due to its small weight. The whole boat can be slightly curved to absorb the impact of the waves, and on a hard-bottomed boat, such waves may pull people out. Although it is a little more expensive than a conventional sport boat, it combines many advantages and is not mediocre. The installation time is very short!

Choose the right material: rubber or PVC?

What kind of hull material is used depends on the general environment in which it is used.

The two option are PVC and Hypalon. Both materials are rugged and reliable and can be used in any environment.

The structure of PVC and Hypalon boats is often different, but both are reliable. Some manufacturers use pressure welding technology to weld pieces of PVC, and the joint is even stronger than the material itself. At the same time, because the surface of PVC is denser than Hypalon, the air pressure can be lowered a little lower than the Hypalon rubber boat.

Hypalon inflatable rowing boats (and some PVC inflatable rowing boats) are generally bonded with high-strength adhesives. Compared with the factoryization of automatic welding of PVC, this is a labor-intensive production method and a weakness of some low-cost boats. Therefore, this manual work must pay attention to ensuring quality.

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