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The Working Principle Of The Pedal Boat

The working principle of the pedal boat is summarized as follows:

The working principle of the pedal boat is to use the principle of the water fan to make the water wheeler rotate, but the power required is generated by our own pedaling. The bearings and water fans are interconnected. The pedal boat is made by one-time molding and is made of imported high-toughness and very strong polyethylene material to guarantee the performance.

The pedal boat in the scenic spot employs a kind of technological processing method of molding hollow plastic products under specific conditions, also known as rotary molding. This process is to add plastic powder to the corresponding mold, and then process the mold. After a series of reflections, the shape we need is shaped. After that, the cooling operation will be carried out. When the temperature drops to a certain level, we can get the products we need out of mold.

At present, the material of the pedal boat is roughly divided into wooden boat, glass steel boat, and Kevlar fiber reinforced composite boat, with glass steel boat accounting for a large proportion. The pedal boat has a hollow hull. The weight of the hull is generally light and can float on the water. Early boats were usually made of wood and had paddle wheels on either side or tail, which are turned by human power. The paddle plate draws water backwards to advance the boat.

The use of pedal boat has become more and more common. Nowadays, there are various kinds of water entertainment projects in major parks, one of which is the pedal boat. The main object of play is children, so their own safety requirements are quite high.

When a person rides in a pedal boat, a life-jacket must be worn to ensure safety.
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