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The Water Bumper Boat Is A Very Popular Aquatic Attraction

The water bumper boat is a very popular aquatic attraction. It is a game boat for people to drive on water, and can collide with each other. It is usually equipped with electric devices, and can be used for water entertainment activities, like the bumper car on the water. Entertainment is full of novelty and excitement, and can bring you substantial benefits. Made of crash-resistant tires and fiberglass, the hull is anti-aging, anti-corrosion and has a long service life. There are electric bumper boats and laser bumper boats.

Electric bumper boats are equipped with advanced electric systems and are fully powered and can operate for 8 hours continuously. The engine is a Japanese original product with strong power. The product design is reasonable, even if it is fiercely touched during entertainment, it will never turn over and has high safety performance.

The laser bumper ship is a high-tech aquatic amusement equipment with beautiful appearance, excellent performance and strong sense of participation. PVC mesh cloth tires make the collision more exciting and safer. It is accompanied by a high-fidelity sound system and variable lighting to make it more interesting. The intelligent motor control system can better protect the motor and extend the battery life. Visitors can use the steering wheel to steer the ship to and fro. The ship is equipped with laser guns, which allow visitors to shoot at each other, and water will be sprayed from all sides of the ship when one is hit by the other. At the same time, tourists can also shoot mines set on the surface of the water. When they are shot, the mines will blow up the fountain more than three meters high and emit an explosion.


Water bumper boats are not water vehicles, but water recreation tool. Such tools as "bumper boats" are more entertaining, less safe and less maneuverable when used as vehicles.
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