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The Sheraton Hotel Lake Barbecue Boat Set Sail Perfectly

On July 19, nearly 150 guests witnessed the perfect sailing of a barbecue boat on the Lion Lake of Sheraton Hotel, Qingyuan. Boating in the Lion Lake, people can enjoy the beautiful scenery water and fire as well as special cuisine. The hotel aims to provide guests with more leisure and entertainment projects.

In the evening of the event, the hotel's leadership held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the pier and raised a toast with the guests. The distinctive BBQ dinner was opened at the lakeside. The international band's singing, the lake's double singing "fly higher" and the characteristic dance stunning won the cheering and applause from guests. After the dinner party, the guests all set foot on the barbecue boat, contacting with nature at zero distance, feeling the breeze, and sharing this wonderful time together.

The barbecue boat on the lake is located at the Bani garden pier in the hotel and is suitable for family, friends, and colleagues. The ship can accommodate up to eight guests, and the hotel is equipped with a service staff. The rent is only 200 yuan per boat per hour, and there are many barbecue menus to choose. Boating on the lake, with the beloved for romantic dating, or for business talk, or for entertainment and can also for a special birthday party. Simple leisure sightseeing is also very enjoyable, of course, together with barbecue on the lake.
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