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The New Rules for Amusement Facilities

The latest safety standard for amusement facilities is The Amusement Facilities Safety Specification implemented on August 1, 2008.

It has eliminated many lag clauses and added many requirements. The main changes are in five aspects.

First, the acceleration allowable value is increased in the sliding class, such as the "roller coaster". This is because when the "roller coaster" falls from the top to the lowest, the speed is very fast, the acceleration is very large, and the acceleration should be limited to a certain range in order to avoid injury to the passenger.

Secondly, it increases various kinds of loads, such as wind loads, because when the wind is at the level of 6, the velocity of the force plus the impact force makes it possible for passengers to be thrown out, which is very dangerous and the rides must be stopped.

Thirdly, the safety factor has been adjusted and reduced. It is not necessary to use special materials to meet the safety requirements of ordinary materials. Previously, the safety coefficient was too high, which resulted in the waste of materials and the increase of cost.

Fourthly, new requirements for safety assessment and safety analysis are added.

Fifthly, the safety standards of water amusement facilities have been added.

Safety insurance measures for amusement facilities

The overall structure should be strong and reliable, and we should take insurance measures to the important parts.

There shall be no less than two wire ropes or chains for the hoisting of the passenger. In connection with the seating section, a disconnection to maintain a balance must be taken into consideration.

The door of a closed cockpit with more than 1 m above the ground which must be equipped with two locking devices or a safe locking device that cannot be opened inside. The non-enclosed cockpit import and export office block, also should have the lock device with insurance.

When the amusement facility is in operation, power supply is suddenly cut off or the equipment fails and when the passenger is in danger, it must be equipped with an automatic or manual emergency stop device. After the amusement facilities malfunction in operation, the measures should be taken to guide passengers.
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