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The Colorful Inflatable Big Duck Electric Bumper Boat

The hull and cover of this product are made of the whole blow molding of new PE material, which makes the double layer hollow structure more durable, safe and reliable. It has the advantages of anti-aging, anti-sun, anti-corrosion, long service life and so on. The battery of 220V permanent magnet motor is in the sealed design, free from adding water and maintenance.


The electric bumper boat can be used for deep cycle charging,  up to more than 5 hours (depending on the size of the battery). The parts of power structures are made of GB steel. Anti-rust treatment of surface electroplating is adopted, safe, non-toxic and never rusty. The electric bumper boat, a new type of water electric power amusement products, is the only one of the electric pleasure boats used in shallow water in the domestic market. It can allow an adult with a child or two children to drive at the same time, with the maximum carrying capacity of 75 kg and height of tourists between 100-168 cm, suitable for 35 centimeters above the water level.

The electric bumper boat can play, keep fit and increase interest, full of novelty and excitement. Business venues: parks, squares, scenic spots, swimming pools, pools, water recreation places, in front of or inside a supermarket. If there is no suitable waters, our company can also make inflatable tanks for you. It is convenient and safe to operate the electric bumper boat in inflatable pools.
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