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The 6-person Self-drainage Pedal Boat

It is with FRP structure, stylish style, smooth lines, bright colors and visual impact. It is powered by feet with riding light and flexible turn, suitable for 6 people to play. The design of concave deck is convenient for visitors to go up and down. The hull is spacious, stable with the five-leaf paddle wheel, easy to operate on foot and with self-drainage function to avoid the trouble of artificial water panning. The high-quality resin rubber coat is used on the surface of the product, and 189 marine resin (strong waterproof) is used in the reinforced layer. It is made by 320 grams of all platinum glass fabric (with high strength and good bending) with thick hull, humanized design, durable and practical.


Structures: FRP hull, FRP roof (wave or umbrella roof optional)
Installation of 6-person Pedal Boat
1. Four posts are in the back cabin. Unscrew the back cover and take it out. Put it on the hull by number.
2. Tighten the bolt on the cover of the shed.
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