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Technical Knowledge of Repair and Maintenance on Plastic Rowing Boats

Playing rowing boat, as a popular entertainment activity at home, is spreading abroad. According to the number of people carried, it can be divided into single boat, double boat and three-man boat. According to the cabin design, it can be divided into open rowing boats and cabin rowing boats. According to the applicable waters, it can be divided into flat water rowing boats, white water rowing boats, sea rowing boats and surfboard. Now this paper introduces the advantages of plastic rowing boats:

1. Material composition of plastic rowing boat

PVC plastic rowing boats
PVC is a kind of cheap and easy-to-made and synthesized plastic polymer. It is usually welded at the joints in the pipes in various ways. Its biggest weakness is that it is used only at the bottom.

Polyurethane plastic rowing boats
The rowing boat which is made of polyurethane can use polyurethane as a material for raft building. The material has a property of elastic memory, meaning it will revert to its original form.

2. Advantages of plastic rowing boat

a. not easy to wind
b.shallow draught
c. high stiffnes
d.stronger puncture and tear resistance
e. easier to cross a rock barrier
f. lower drag coefficient
g. comfortable seats
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