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Quality Inspection And Evaluation Of Inflatable Equipment

Factor that affect the safety of water inflatable equipment

After years of experience in manufacturing inflatable products, the best stitching distance is 18 stitches within 10 cm. Excessive stitch length will result in poor air-tightness, and too small stitch length will cause the PVC mesh cloth material to be damaged by the pull of sewing thread. High-strength Bondi polyester yarns are commonly used in the wire industry because they have the advantages of wear resistance, and anti-aging ability, etc.

The stitching method refers to the process of sewing in a special force-bearing piece, joint position, triangular position, etc., using a double-line sewing, a return-to-back four-wire, a PVC mesh cloth material, and a six-wire process. This process is used to make product quality more secure.

The air-tightness of the product is the three-layer heat sealing technology of the high-temperature machine, that is, the joint of the PVC mesh cloth material is used to increase the air-tightness, tear resistance and high pressure resistance of the joint by the edging method. The use of the closed valve piece makes the product more compact in the inflatable product, adding safety and energy saving to the product.

Quality inspection and evaluation of equipment

After the product is manufactured, the quality inspection and evaluation of the finished product of the equipment is very important, because it concerns the safety of life and property of the operators and consumers of the water inflatable equipment.

After the products are finished, we adopt a series of testing standards for the quality and safety specifications of the self-regulated products in the inflation product industry, such as closed gas testing, tensile strength testing, standard pressure testing, etc.
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