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Propulsion System Of Water Bike

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, people's living standards are improving day by day, and there is more and more concern about the innovation of scientific and technological products. In particular, various entertainment and fitness products can be seen everywhere, and there are thousands of fitness and entertainment devices on the market. In particular, the water amusement project has been widely denied in various small and medium-sized parks because of its unique novelty. As an innovative water entertainment product, water bikes are favored by many people.

The upper half of the water bike uses the usual bicycle structure, and visitors can find a sense of interaction between human and machine like a bike as soon as they ride on it. It's easy and free to play.

The specific underwater propulsion systems for water bikes are as follows:

1.Water-jet propeller

It is a hydraulic reaction propeller. The water pump installed in the ship absorbs water from the bottom of the ship, and is sprayed backward through the nozzle to generate a thrust by the reaction force of the water. Its mechanical parts are housed in the boat and are well protected. The nozzle is variable in direction for easy handling of the ship. However, due to the limited diameter of the nozzle, the efficiency of the pipeline and the pump is not high, so the overall system is inefficient. Also, because the water in the pump and the nozzle increases the weight of the ship, it is rarely used.

2.Screw propeller

It consists of a hub and several blades attached radially to the hub, commonly known as vehicle blades. The screw propeller is installed below the stern line and rotates with the power of the main engine, pushing the water behind the ship, using the reaction force of the water. The screw propeller has simple structure, light weight and high efficiency, and is protected under the waterline.
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