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Production Process of Bumper Boats

Bumper boats of water recreation facility through the battery to drive the propeller under the boat to provide power, so as to realize the effect of advancing, turning left, turning right and turning 360 degrees in situ, etc,  it can stimulate the curiosity of children in collision play,  the load-bearing for bumper boats of duowan can reach to 120kg, which can bear one adult and one child, or two children,  mom or dad can have parent-child interactions with their children to increase communication between children and their parents. It is the children's first choice for fun, which has great market potential.
Production process: 

1, Hull: 

The hull of the bumper boats is specially designed by the authoritative product design institute, the hull production is made of imported yacht class hdpe new material combined with imported rolling plasticizer, the surface of the hull is smooth and bright, it is not easy to fall off with the high viscosity of the gas circle, the light weight makes the bumper boat move fast and save electricity 

2,  Gas ring
The gas ring of the bumper boat is made of cold and heat resistant material and ultraviolet ray resistant material which adapts to different climatic conditions, with a large number of styles and colors, there are more 3D cartoons and animal models to choose to attract the eyes of a little friend quickly, which creates good benefits for your field.

3,  Control system: 
The bumper boat is equipped with a powerful management control system, such as music, electricity indicator system, turnover calculation system, time adjustable system, coin system, reciprocal light scintillation system, according to these functions of the system, the operator can confirm the visiting time with the tourists and check the turnover easily to prevent employees from corruption, The coin system can effectively identify game coins and coins to prevent the phenomenon of rubbing and playing. The play time can also be set at will to meet the different needs of different places. 
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