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Product Description Of Kid Bumper Boat

Product description of Kids bumper boat

1. The product adopts impact-resistant, high-density, and engineering plastic materials, which is non-toxic and harmless without fading. It is anti-aging, resistant to impact and deformation, and has a life span of more than three years.

2.The advanced fluid impeller design uses a small force to generate large speeds, and the 360° rotating grip is flexible regardless of forward, backward and steering. Each child can easily get started and operate freely.

3.The impeller design with buoyancy provides better lateral stability than ordinary ships. The rotating handle of the impeller can be fixed without any rotation due to the flow of water. The speed is fast and stable.

4.It has novel shape, bright color, elegant appearance, lightweight design, and is easy to disassemble and carry. It can be put in general cabin luggage space.

5.Without obvious angles and sharp fittings on the surface of the ship, the ship is easy to be used by children without being afraid of collision. Meanwhile, it can exercise children's coordination and reaction ability of hands and brains.

6.The rotating part is equipped with bearing, which reduces the friction and makes the rotation more flexible, more portable and the product more durable.

7.The bottom of the hand-operated vessel is flat and requires no deep water. It can be operated at 10-20cm.

8.The front cover is double-layer (other manufacturers are single-layer), which has good sealing effect and is not easy to get into water. There are grooves in the bottom of the hull, and the seats are high, which will not make the clothes wet.

9.The installation is easy and the site requirements are low, which makes it easy for maintenance.

Notes of kids bumper boat

1.Try to use it close to the water source to facilitate water intake.

2.Children must play under adult supervision.

3.Do not play in deep water, preferably in an inflatable pool.

4.Keep the waters clean and do not operate in polluted waters.

5.Use and maintain the hull as per instructions.

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