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Polyethylene Water Tricycle

Advantages of polyethylene water tricycles

Polyethylene water tricycle adopts imported impact-resistant, high-density, and UV-resistant polyethylene LLDPE material for one time molding. The new sightseeing and amusement equipment, which is not afraid of sunburn and collision, is far from being comparable to the normal fiberglass boats.

Polyethylene water tricycle is the only water amusement equipment in China which employs rotational moulding. It does not need to be inflated. It is waterproof, crash-resistant, durable, lightweight and exquisite in appearance. The specially designed anti-collision structure is safer and more reliable, which has the advantages of anti-aging, anti-sunning, anti-corrosion and long service life.

It is the first choice for fitness and water recreation. It can be used for two people at the same time. It is a true parent-child ride project that integrates tourists with nature and is especially suitable for outdoor sports, playgrounds and other environments.

Innovative features of the new water tricycle

The polyethylene water tricycle is designed with a full row of seats and a full plastic seat structure.

The polyethylene water tricycle is made of durable imported polyethylene. The hull has excellent wind and wave resistance, and the unique ballast keel can remain stable under strong wind. It has excellent wind and wave resistance, and is stable in 2 meters high waves, and more stable in rivers and lakes.

The polyethylene water tricycle does not fade in the sun, and it will not crash and sink.

Product parameters of polyethylene tricycle

Dynamic structure : Full chain pedal drive

Package Size: Snakeskin bag + carton or wooden box packaging, 4 pieces of goods, gross weight 130KG; aluminum alloy configuration with sunshade

Weight bearing speed: For two people to play, bearing 300KG, speed 5KM / H

Product material: Buoy and other plastic parts: all adopt imported high-toughness and high-strength UV-resistant polyethylene

Transmission and other metal parts: Aluminum or stainless steel tube, all with rust and anti-corrosion treatment

Applicable sites: All kinds of water areas with the water depth of 100CM, such as lakes, reservoirs, beaches, water parks, etc.
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