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Polyethylene Water Bicycle

The polyethylene water bicycle is imported from the United States with the latest technology and equipment. It is made of imported LLDPE material in one time and has no leakage. The "people-oriented" innovative design concept, together with a number of technological innovations, strives to provide the best cost-effective products and services for the operators and consumers of the products.

Basic performance

1.Stable: There are three pontoons for two people, which forms a three-body structure, so that  the lateral stability can be much better than the traditional boat single structure. It has excellent wind and wave resistance, and is stable in 2 meters high waves, and more stable in rivers and lakes!

2.Fast: The combination of chain and gear increases the speed. The normal driving speed is 8-13 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed is 18 kilometers per hour. It is very entertaining.

3.Anti-rust and anti-corrosion: The gear box is sealed, and all parts are treated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment, and can be operated in fresh water and sea water without rust and corrosion.

4.Shallow water driving: The water depth needed is only one foot. When the propeller hits an obstacle, it will automatically lift up and is not easy to damage.

5.Quiet driving: The artificial pedal propeller drive system protects the environment and does not disturb aquatic organisms. It is a good choice for fishing and appreciating aquatic creatures.

6.Lightweight disassembly: It is light weight and easy to operate. Within a few minutes, it can be installed or disassembled without any tools.

7.Environmentally friendly products: It has no pollution to the environment.

8.Convenient basket: used to store small items such as drinks, food, shoes, hats, clothing, etc., which is convenient and practical.

9.Long service life: Made of imported UV-resistant, high-density, corrosion-resistant polyethylene material, it has good anti-impact ability and long service life.

Polyethylene water bicycles are made of imported impact-resistant, high-density, and UV-resistant polyethylene materials. It is the first choice for fitness and water recreation, and is suitable for two people or a family of three people to use in the lake, reservoir, and seaside.
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