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People Are Obsessed With This Unique Circular BBQ Party Boat

Perfect For inland waterways, lakes and calm ports, BBQ party boats offer you the experience of barbecuing and enjoying your favorite food while driving on water with a changing landscape. Although the ship is circular, its hard outer covering makes it possess many advantages.

Family, Friends and Business

BBQ's party boat not only provides family with happy days, but also provides a great way for you to promote your business. Let your employees, guests and customers enjoy this unique experience. Take it to an activity or a fair. Because it is conspicuous both on water and land, it can attract people's attention wherever it is.

Materials & Equipment

We built the BBQ Party Boats with craftsmanship and high quality materials and components.

Hard Shell Hull

The boat is made of high density polyethylene or fiberglass according to your choice and meets the standard with a Honda outboard motor.



Packages are available with great functions. For example, it has the low-smoke grill, folding sunshade, LED rainbow lighting, MP3 player and sound system, ice beverage bowl, under-seat storage and so on. Please check out our software package for more features and specifications.


Why Choose a BBQ Party Boat?

l The hard outer covering is made of high density polyethylene or fiberglass according to your choice, so it won't puncture and leak air like an inflatable.

l You can barbeque and enjoy your meal while running on the lake and appreciating the scenery.

l The conspicious circular design can accomodate up to 10 people.

l Equipped with a barbeque, circulae table and a shade umbrella.

l Very low draft so it doesn't move hard in shallow water.

l Easy to manipulate and it runs smoothly.

l The price is the same as a high-end jet ski.

l Years of fun on the water.

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