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New Style of Yacht Industry in China--BBQ Boat, Picnic Boat

With the development of the economy, enjoying yacht is becoming the first choice in our country, and most consumption of yacht depends on import and is expensive. In order to break the status quo and enrich the consumers' water entertainment and leisure life, our company has launched the first luxury water barbecue boat in China.

Our company is the first domestic yacht manufacturer featuring water barbecue, with 2 sets of high-performance dry batteries which will endure 6 hours. The 1200W strong electric hanger is quiet, environment-friendly; the top of the yacht is equipped with a parasol of a diameter of 3.2 m. Besides the fashion appearance, it can also protect people from the sun and the rain. There is a smoke-free oven in the center. While people enjoying the delicious food, their health is fully guaranteed.

bbq boat picnic boat inboard 1

bbq boat picnic boat inboard 2

Since its launch, the barbecue has received a lot of attention. Since 2010, the company has participated in several domestic and international exhibitions, and its all-around water barbecue concept has not only been recognized by domestic buyers, but also received orders from more than 20 countries in the world.

bbq boat picnic boat inboard 3
It is reported that the barbecue ship launched by our company has broken the industry pattern that has always been dominated by foreign companies, and the market price has been greatly reduced. The quality is not inferior to foreign products. At present, many customers in China have bought barbecue boats, and barbecues have also appeared in parks, aquatic attractions and 5 star resort hotels in major cities. Reporters randomly interviewed tourists who were having fun on barbecue boats. Tourists said they were a new way of entertainment and catering, and satisfied with the hardware of barbecue boats.
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