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Introduction To The Use Characteristics Of Pedal Boats

The pedal boat has two rows of seats, two people in the front row need to pedal and two people in the back row can enjoy the leisure time. The durable, roll-plastic polyethylene hull has excellent wind and wave resistance, and the unique ballast keel can remain stable under strong winds. It can run stably in 2 meters high waves and is more stable in rivers and lakes.

The pedal boat has an efficient, low-noise and smooth pedal-turning system that drives a 38-centimeter two-blade propeller that moves effortlessly in the water to reach 12 kilometers per hour. Both stopping and retreating are done by pedaling. The rudder steering is controlled by a handle on the right side of the cockpit to provide convenient and efficient steering. The push-pull handle allows the operator to complete a 180 degree turn.

The designed high windshield and high freeboard guards are effective against wind, waves and water splashes. The pedaling person leans on the fitted seat that can be adjusted to a comfortable position. There is plenty of storage space under the back seat, and there is a platform at the bow that can be used for cameras, food and drinks. The beams built on the stern can be easily accessed after swimming.

The keel of the pedal boat has a draught of about 0.5 meters. A folding aluminum alloy awning is used, which is made of imported shock resistant, high-density and UV-resistant polyethylene materials and which has the advantages of light weight, high safety, maintenance-free and long life. The unique synchronous belt drive and patented design offer 4:1 power shift. The speed is as high as 10-12 kilometers per hour, which is very entertaining and far exceeds similar products.
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