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Introduction To The Pedal Boat

Pedal boat is a kind of consumer goods for water entertainment. It is paraded through the feet of tourists. The feet turn the impeller and the impeller is pushed by drainage. The console is equipped with a handle and the rudder blade is connected by connecting rods. The handle controls the direction of the pedal ship, and the forward and backward motion of the ship is very convenient and flexible.

The hull, drive system, seat, etc. are all plastic materials, resistant to corrosion and rust. t has superior stability and propeller protection. The oversized double rudder design allows for 180 degree steering. Recycled polyethylene material has no pollution to the environment.

The operator's seat is ergonomically designed in a soft, reclining position that can be adjusted back and forth for maximum comfort.The propeller drive protects the environment and does not disturb aquatic organisms. It is a good choice for fishing and appreciating aquatic creatures.

The pedal boat uses a polyurethane timing belt and pulley to match the pedal and its crank. This timing belt is twisted four times in a loop, passing the pedal's power to the drive shaft and propeller. Two large pulleys and two small pulleys provide a 4:1 ratio and get a powerful rotary drive.

The axial thrust of the propeller extends forward directly to the keel of the ship. The ship has two drive systems, each of which can be done independently.

It integrates sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions to meet the needs of individuals and families to enjoy life. In developing countries, pedal boats are mostly used as parks and tourist attractions for people to consume, and a small amount is also used as a personal means of play.

It is best not to play the pedal boat in the sea, because the instability of the wind and waves is easy to overturn the hull. It is recommended to play in the park or the reservoir with gentle water flow, inland river and lake.
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