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Introduction of Water Walking Ball

Water walking ball is a kind of fitness equipment which is usually rented in parks or water entertainment places.

It is simple operating, environmentally friendly and fashionable, which make it a beautiful scenery in the park square and the cartoon water world.

Its management place includes the park,  artificial lake or reservoir, beach of a sea or river, a swimming pool or other open water area, commercial promotion, family or group, and places for personal amusement.

It can easily arouse the curiosity of young people and children. People can experience excitement and enjoyment in the ball which cannot be felt by other water entertainment projects.

The water walking ball is suitable for people of different ages. According to the market survey, people of 3 to 15 years old account for 65%, 15 to 40 years old account for 32%, 40 to 60 years old account for 3%. The age of the core consumer group is 3 to16 years old. According to market research, the water walking tourist group accounts for at least 10% of the total number of tourists. Taking a large and medium-sized city with 2 million people as an example, the annual population flow of parks can reach 1 million, and our target customers can reach 100 thousand. 
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