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Inflatable Water Ball 2

Transparent water walking balls are 2 meters in diameter, with a total volume of more than 3 cubic meters and a safe load of more than 150 kg. According to scientific statistics, adults breathe in 15 cubic meters of air per day, while water walking balls can hold more than 3 cubic meters. Therefore, there can be sufficient security for the users to get close to the water surface and enjoy different experiences while exercising.

1.In order to ensure that your equipment reaches the normal service life, the safe load inside the ball is 150 kg. Before opening and closing the zipper, it is necessary to make sure that the puller is pulled along the direction of zipper teeth. The opening and closing speed of the zipper should be controlled within 10-15m/min. Do not open and close repeatedly for a long time. After the zipper is used and cleaned, a beeswax film should be applied to the zipper teeth. Beeswax can only be applied to the outer teeth, not to the inner teeth. When the zipper is not working, it should be opened and preserved in the shade.

2.In case of wind, rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather, equipment should be strictly prohibited to avoid accidents.

3.To fold the device, fold along the zipper to avoid breaking the zipper.

4.If you don't use it for a long time, fold the equipment, bundle it, and pack it. The storage temperature is usually -50~+40 degrees Celsius.

Matters needing attention

1.The ball employs overall inflation, and has no separation of air bags or other safety measures. Once accidentally punctured by sharp objects, the gas will soon be fully leaked, endangering the safety of personnel.

2.The human body can only stay in the sealed ball for 10 minutes, If the operator is negligent, the person inside the ball will be suffocated with oxygen, which will endanger the safety of the visitor.
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