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Inflatable Water Ball 1

Water walking balls are also called water walkers, water running balls, water aerobics balls, water polo balls, water transparent sports balls, water balloons, water floats and so on. They are usually rented in parks or water entertainment places. They are simple to operate, environmentally friendly and fashionable, and are a beautiful landscape in the park square and the anime water world, which can arouse the curiosity of young people and children. The stimulation and enjoyment of people in the ball can not be felt by other water entertainment projects.

The target market: Transparent water walking balls are suitable for people of different ages. According to the market survey, 65% are aged from 3 to 15, 32% are aged from 15 to 40 and 3% are aged from 40 to 60. The core consumer group age is 3 to 16 years old. According to market research, the water walking ball visitors account for at least 10% of the total number of visitors.

Material introduction

The ball skin is generally divided into three materials: TPU, compound, and PVC. The imported TPU film is non-toxic, colorless and tasteless, which meets the standards of Europe and America. The thickness is 0.7mm, with resistance to hydrolysis and yellowing. The tension and the elasticity are several times that of similar products. The zippers on the balloons are sealed waterproof zippers, and there are TIZIP zippers , TPU copper zippers for 3F chemical industry, PVC copper zippers and rubber zippers on the market. These zippers are highly waterproof, leak proof, and airtight, and are mainly used in military products.

The performance of the material greatly ensures the safety factor of the product and makes the tourists enjoy the boundless charm of the water walking ball.

Water walking balls are usually rented in parks or water entertainment places. They are easy to operate, environmentally friendly and fashionable. Rent a water venue and inflate the ball with an air pump after people enter it. After the air is filled, people can enjoy themselves.
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