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Inflatable Products

For Inflatable water park investors, during the investment process, the selection of products directly determines the construction of the theme culture of the park and establishes the market positioning. With the increasing demand of water park market and the increasingly fierce competition, the characteristic cultural park has become the strategy of differentiated management for investors. In summer, there are various kinds of inflatable water parks, such as Marine culture including underwater adventure inflatable water park, deep-sea diving inflatable water park, little whale water slide, sea monster water slide and so on, Fairy tales and Children’s play including elephant inflatable water park, octopus inflatable water park, lobster inflatable water park and so on. These are all inflatable water parks where investors operate differently and create a unique culture.

Inflatable products include:

Bracket pools and mobile inflatable pools: these two products play an important role in mobile water park, without which you can’t enjoy the water. In addition, they have a wide range of uses, functions and applications. They can be matched with inflatable water slides and inflatable water floats for adults and children to play. It can also be used as family swimming pool or for swimming training, etc.

The inflatable water slide: it makes the water park more enjoyable. Running a small mobile water park, you only need to have it, not to mention a large mobile water park. With a variety of inflatable water slides that are different in shape, it is a complete water park to attract more tourists.

The water rush equipment: it is novel and thrilling. It has a number of different levels, each level has a certain degree of difficulty, which can attract a large number of tourists.
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