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Inflatable Plastic Water Ball

Introduction of plastic water ball products

The length of plastic water balls is usually 2m, 2.4m, 2.5m and 2.7m, with an inner diameter of 1.7m and an outer diameter of 2.2m and with rope fasteners, ropes (yellow, red, blue and green), pull points and grips(2m long is easy to roll over).

Classification of plastic water balls and comparison of advantages and disadvantages

1.Three air chambers: Three-chamber design with three nozzles has slow inflation but high safety. It completely solves the problem that the plastic water ball of arc closed type is easy to roll over when many tourists enter. Even if any air chamber leaks, plastic water balls won't sink, and tourists are safe. The buoyancy of the air chamber at each end of the plastic water ball is 400 kg, which can bear 2-3 people, effectively avoiding side rollover. The joint adopts strip technology to prevent water seepage; after heat treatment, the rope end will not be blown and fluffy, so as to ensure that the rope will not spread; the rope fastener is not affected by temperature after "hot fit" and is not easy to fall off; connect with "double knot" rope and fix the rope head with tie belt so that the rope will not loosen in motion.

2.One air chamber: It has one air nozzle, which is convenient to inflate, and it only needs to be inflated once. Both sides are fully ventilated and there is no need to worry about the problem of breathing problems caused by tourists' long playing time. It is suitable for public entertainment such as square, park, swimming pool, scenic spot or large supermarket.

Tourist information

1.Visitors are required to wear special shoe covers, and they are not allowed to bring sharp and hard articles (such as knives, scissors, keys, etc.) to play this product. Avoid hard sharp objects piercing the product during use.

2.Visitors must wear a life-jacket to play. Operators need to plug the protective safety belt before they can play.

3.People with high blood pressure, heart disease and alcoholism are not suitable to play this product.

4.Each water plastic water ball should not exceed 2 people per play.
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