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Improvement of Adult Electric Bumper Boat

Adult Electric Bumper Boat that is existed in the market are made of glass reinforced plastic and pneumatic tyre, which often occur rupture leak troubles, operators often need to repair balloon, and the service life of the balloon is only 1 year with a high maintenance costs. After improvement of product, it adopts the international leading integrated molding process and the special engineering plastics of imports yacht production. No fade, rupture, leakage and other troubles, and it did not fade for real sunshine. It is high quality product that is not broken and not sank, exempting from troubles for repairing the balloon and purchasing accessories. The product is equipped with a safety belt and a rope socket and a water outlet. The products can also be added with stainless steel awning and LED lampion. Products possess the following advantages:
1. Adopt 100% imported yacht engineering plastics, and cooperate with the advanced rotational moulding process, never fade, break or sink;
2. It is more convenient to operate and use, no need to repair and leakage, and it is free from time and mind;
3. It will be added awnings and LED lampion, and the efficient performance is remarkable.
4. Adopt the high-altitude seat design to ride comfort, supporting the design of high back, making the seat belt more comfortable and safer;
5. Double fixed drive propeller technology is adopted, no matter whether the forward and backward of rotating propellers will not fall off;
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