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How to Play and Maintain Zorb Balls

How to play and maintain Zorb Balls

Ways to play:

There are three ways to play Zorb Balls: the fixed way, the floating way, and the free-walk way.

The fixed way: Players' limbs and waist are fixed onto the safety belt inside the Zorb Ball and they will rotate with the ball.

The floating way: Players are not fixed onto the ball. Before departure, the staff will fill one or two buckets of water, whose depth reaches about 70 centimeters. Players can float on the water and roll with the ball.

The free-walk way: Players are not fixed onto the ball. People walk inside the ball when the ball is rolling. People can always keep their body upstanding if they keep the same pace with the ball. This is the most difficult among the three ways. You could never handle it if you know nothing about acrobatics or have not tried several times.

Ways to maintain:

1. Drain away all the water in the pool and exhaust the air in edge chamber for cleaning.

2. Cut the repairing patch. (It needs to be three times the size as the repairing zone and its shape should be circular or elliptical.)

3. Handle the bottom glue first. (The staff need to clean the repair patch and repair zone and apply the special glue evenly. Then use a hair dryer to dry it until it's unsticky to hands or just let it dry naturally.

4. Re-apply the glue. (Apply the glue to the repair patch and repair zone again and dry it until it's not sticky to hands.)

5. Stick together. (The repair patch sticks the repair zone in a slow way and ensure there are no air bubbles and a flat surface.)

6 Press steadily. (After being glued, it should be placed above a flat hard object and beneath a flat hard heavy object for 24 hours.)

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