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History and Kinds of Oars

Oar, which is also known as paddle boat, it's a ship propelled by oars, and is a ship with a long history and wide application. A primitive water carrier, such as a canoe or raft, originally used by humans. A primitive waterborne vehicle, such as a canoe or raft, originally used by humans, having no power, only went with the stream, if you want to turn or go against the current, you should use your hands to paddle. Then, human invented the oar, which was the extension of the human arms, people can paddle in the boat by oars. If you wanted to increase the propulsion speed of a ship, you should increase the number of oars. So, a paddle boat first developed around the Mediterranean Sea.There were many types of oars, according to the number of oars, there were single-oars, double-oars, multi-oars. According to the length of oars, there were short oar boats, long oar boats, more than 5000 years ago,in the pyramids of Egyptian pharaoh Ziapos, there was a tomb vessel for the pharaoh's martyrdom, it was a paddle boat with long oars.

According to the configuration of the paddle, there were single-deck oars, double-deck oars and multi-layer oars. On double-deck oars and multilayer oars, paddlers sat on the benches of each horizontal deck to paddle. In the Aegean region, the Crete was one of the earliest nautical nations, their paddle boats might have absorbed Egyptian and Phoenician shipbuilding techniques. They had developed more layers of paddle boats later.
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