Changsha Ulike Leisure Equipment Co., Ltd.

Happy Times With Bbq Boat

Summer barbecues are no longer confined to dry land, thanks to the BBQ Donut boat.
We, Changsha Ulike Leisure Equipment Co., Ltd. produce the bright orange vessel which is the perfect venue for up to ten friends wanting a barbecue with a difference.

Measuring three-and-a-half-meters in diameter, there are two size models of the boat - both customizable with the option of LED lighting.

Containing a five HP engine with a 12-litre tank, the basic BBQ-donut provides between six to eight hours of driving time. A low-smoke charcoal kettle grill has been installed in the centre - set up to ensure maximum safety and ease of use.

The grill can later be removed to provide the perfect ice bucket - rooted in the middle of a mould table so food remains safely on plates. And boarding the floating food grill is easy thanks to its moveable side section. The adjustable sun shade means the feast - and ride - can be enjoyed for hours with ample storage space for necessities underneath the seats.

So, invite your friends to BBQ boat on weekends, enjoying fun times and you will like it!

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