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Frequently Asked Questions about Barbecue Boat

To learn more about our barbecue boats and our operations, please read through our list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

1. How many boats do you have available?

We currently have 10 BBQ Boats available for your fun adventures! That means you can have a BBQ Regatta for up to 100 people; Imagine!


2. How many people can we fit in a barbecue boat?

The maximum number of people per boat is 10.

3. Do we drive the barbecue boat ourselves?

Yes. You can drive it yourself and you are the captain of your own party!

4. Does the driver need a specific boater's license?

A boating license is an asset but NOT required.


Before your depature, we will check the official Safety Rowing List for you. On-water safety is our primary task.

Before you start your traveling, one of our experts will explain any other important technical details about electric engines, propane grills, safety equipment and and other things related to ships.

Our ship is easy to manipulate, especially when we guide you through a fast 30 minute "safe operation".

5. Is drinking alcohol allowed on the barbecue boat?

No. The same rules for cars on the road apply to drivers on public waters. Our laws do not allow the use of any alcoholic beverage while sailing in public waters. Otherwise, you will be penalized.

6. Are we allowed to tie up to another barbecue Boat, or a friend's boat?

It is strictly forbidden to tie the barbecue boat to another ship. This can easily damage ships and can also pose a danger to other ships on the water

7. Is food provided or do we bring our own?

You bring your own food and cook them yourselves, which means that you can barbecue any food you like in the way you prefer.


8. What is the minimum age for the person in charge of driving the barbecue boat?

The driver must be minimum 21 years old, and have a valid driver’s license.

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