Changsha Ulike Leisure Equipment Co., Ltd.

Deluxe Floating Barbecue Boats


It is a great pleasure to have three or five friends together! The water BBQ boat launched by Ulike allows friends to meet without fear of the wind and rain and enjoy the barbecue while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake.

The circular hull can accommodate ten people and there is a sunumbrella with a diameter of 3.4 meters above. No matter whether it is sunny or cloudy, you can barbecue at will. Of course, if you like to bask in the sun, you can also put away the umbrella.

In the center of the barbecue boat is a table about one meter in diameter, which can be used to place miniature barbecue ovens, food and drinks. Tables and seats connected to the hull are made of heat-resistant plastic. There are 6 storage boxes under the seat to store the food needed for a day.

In addition, four rechargeable batteries were installed on the bottom of the ship and it took 10 hours to be fully charged. After charging, you can sail at a speed of four kilometers per hour for eight hours on the lake. Fishing enthusiasts may also like the barbecue boat because its 30-watt generator operates in a quiet manner and does not scare fish in the water. If you successfully catch fish, you can cook it directly on the grill.

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