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BBQ Boat

The BBQ barbecue ship can travel at a speed of 4km/h and burn for up to eight hours with only a 10-hour charge before departure. The BBQ barbecue boat has a diameter of 3.7 meters and a weight of 1500KG. The maximum load is 1000KG. The oven is 60 centimeters in diameter and can accommodate 10 people to party on the boat.

The circular hull is equipped with a multifunctional detachable dining table, which can be equipped with a barbecue grill. It can also be installed with a simple refrigerator. It is a standard water dining table, and diners can enjoy a feeling that is completely different from the average restaurant dining table. The dining table is also specially designed to put pits for cups and saucers. Even if there is a storm, there is no need to worry about blowing down food.

There are six 48-liter storage tanks under the surrounding seats, providing enough space for tourists to carry their favorite foods and drinks. At the same time, considering the weather conditions on the surface of the water, the BBQ is also specially equipped with an electric remote-controlled parasol, which can be contracted and unfolded at will and equipped with a chandelier. Whether it is dark or day, you can safely enjoy a happy dinner with family and friends in the BBQ. In addition, the BBQ barbecue boat is also equipped with a sound system. As long as the MP3 is plugged in, you can enjoy the music while eating.


1. It must be used in calm water, fixed or piloted by a special person to prevent the ship from rocking due to wind, wave or personnel movement, which may cause the burning of charcoal or food spillage.

2. Life-jackets and life rings must be provided to prevent people from falling into the water due to excessive drinking or other reasons.

3. Necessary fire and first aid facilities, and the ship shall be equipped with sun protection equipment such as sun umbrella.

4. Please give instructions before boarding the ship, and the service staff should give instructions during the barbecue.
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