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A Water Bike Is A Device That Can Run In Water

A water bike is a device that can be run in the water., on which you can just sit to achieve water drift. At present, this product has been successfully tested, which marks the successful development of the first water bike in China.

The concept of the water bike originated in Canada. Its seat height can be adjusted freely. The  handlebar of the racing type is easier to handle and it is very comfortable and safe to ride on. The current price of the water bike in China is around 3,000-7,000 yuan.

The water bike is very light and its speed can reach 8 to 1 kilometer per hour, but you don't have to worry about its safety. It will never be in danger of "overturning" and there is no strict age limit. It is suitable for the young and old. The water bike can be ridden by a single person, or it can be combined by two people. People can ride together and move forward together to experience the feeling of unity and cooperation.

Riding a water bike is like riding a bicycle on land. The operation of a water bike is very convenient. The user only have to tread on the pedal to move the bike forward. People can just stop their feet when they are tired. It can "float" on the water. To ride a bicycle on land, you must master your own balance, otherwise you will be smashed and bruised, but you don't have to worry about sitting on this water bike. When you adapt slowly, you can speed up the ride, and then the back of the bike will stir up the splashing water.

The weight of the person is calculated according to 80Kg. The front and rear water skis should be able to generate large buoyancy. The handle is the conductive part of the power, if pressed down hard, the front skateboard will be upturned; there is a reset device when no pressure is applied. The front sliding plate and the handle are active links with reset, which can be considered as hydraulic reset or plate spring reset. The handle can also drive the front sliding plate to turn to control the direction of travel. This kind of bicycle relies on manpower, does not need any fuel, and does not cause any pollution to the air. It fully conforms to the green and environmental development strategy of the current era.
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