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We, Changsha Ulike Leisure Equipment Co., Ltd, is a young company specialized in water amusement products since 2011. Our featured products are BBQ boat, water bike, water tricycle, pedal boat, bumper boat, rowing boat, fishing boats, inflatable floats, inflatable water balls, and so on.
For all these water amusement products, most are made of Fiberglass (FRP) which is a good corrosion resistant material with the best performance. Some are made of durable PC material with good stability. The others are made of rubber which makes the boats very easy to carry out.  
Parts of our boats are suitable for adults with funny and thrill design, and the others are suitable for children with easy to operate and cute appearance. The capacity of our water amusement boats is from 1 to 12 person.  
With good reputation and strong faith to “offer your life happy and joyful”, our products are highly welcomed and has export out all over the world.  

BBQ Donut Boat
BBQ Donut Boat

BBQ Donut Boat is a kind of water leisure equipment with a circular shape and built-in barbecue grill which can offer waterborne cookouts for about 6 to 10 adults. It can be also called Barbecue boat or BBQ party boat. Riding this kind of BBQ donut boat and DIY the cookout in the lake is a warmly welcomed way to spend your spare time with family or friends.

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Inflatable Water Games
Inflatable Water Games

There are main three categories: Inflatable Float, Inflatable Water Balls, Inflatable Water Games etc.

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Transparent Rowing Boat
Transparent Rowing Boat

Transparent Rowing Boat is one of the most popular products that is a comfortable water sport for family, friends and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Multi Person Pedal Boat
Multi Person Pedal Boat

With long experience of producing the water ammusement equipment, we can produce these pedal boat for 2person,4person and even 6person.

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Changsha Ulike Leisure Equipment Co., Ltd, was established in 2011, which is located in the center of China, it is a young and vigorous company engaged in R&D, production and sales for park amusement and leisure equipment such as BBQ Donut Boat, Pedal Boat, Bumper Boat, Water Bike, Rowing Boat, Motor Boat, Kayak, Speed boat, Water Bike, Water tricycle, Fishing Boat, Inflatable Floats and Inflatable Water Games etc.

Depend on the strong ability of R&D, Quality control and marketing, "ULIKE" is developing fast, now our products are warmly welcome by our customers from all over the world. Our policy is Customer First, Quality Best and Service Utmost. We believe that Ulike products will bring you happiness in your life.

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What Is the Boat made of? Is it inflatable?
The boat is made out of Fiberglass or High-Density Polyethylene which is a hard plastic compound that floats by itself. It cannot sink, even when full of water.
Does the Boat have a motor?
Yes. The boat has a tiller outboard motor of either 8, 9.9 or 15 horsepower.
How fast does the boat go?
It travels at 5 to 7 miles per hour depending on wind, current, and amount of people on board. It is designed so that BBQ grilling can be taking place on while traveling.